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Calabuch 1956Calabuch 1956
iMDB Rating: 7.6

Date Released : 28 September 1956

Genre : Comedy

Stars : Edmund Gwenn, Valentina Cortese, Juan Calvo, Franco Fabrizi." />

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With "Calabuch", Berlanga satirised daily life of the post Spanish war.

The professor Hamilton, a wise naive that he believed that the atomic bombs, hydrogen, cobalt, were good for humanity, fled to the realize his mistake and took their inventions. Hid in the people more wonderful of the world, where you can live and die in peace; Calabuch.

"Calabuch" is another fable/metaphor for his blatant anti-militarism, by its nature of naivety of people, teamwork and collective, this conjunction almost child of forces, the air idyllic impossible. It is, therefore, a farce very serious and very currently in force. A classic.

Like other movies corals Berlanga, "Calabuch" satirizes daily life of post-war the Spain. But, unlike "Plácido", for example, where the satire is patent and demolition, "Calabuch" makes by contrast, showing in a village of the Mediterranean everything that Spain was neither is: the utopia, the place "where the whole world does what he likes". Therefore, the small village has an air of surrealism magic.

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