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The Boy and the Pirates 1960 HD Movie Online

The Boy and the Pirates 1960The Boy and the Pirates 1960
iMDB Rating: 5.2

Date Released : 13 April 1960

Genre : Family, Adventure, Fantasy

Stars : Charles Herbert, Susan Gordon, Murvyn Vye, Paul Guilfoyle

Movie Quality : BluRay

Format : MKV

Size : 900 MB

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Young boy is magically transported back in time to a pirate ship on the high seas.

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Review :

B.I.G. Production for Charles Herbert

On a rocky Massachusetts beach, "big for my size" ten-year-old Charles Herbert (as Jimmy Warren) picks up a bottle that has washed ashore. Thinking about the wrecked ship where he plays, his chores, and a bad report card; young Herbert wishes he were back in days of yore, when pirates ruled the seas. Released from his bottle prison by Herbert, turbaned genie Joseph Turkel (as Abu) grants the lad's wish, transporting Herbert two hundred years into the past...

Herbert finds himself on the pirate ship "Queen's Revenge" commandeered by merciless Murvyn Vye (as Blackbeard)...

Pirates are a problem, but so is a genie plotting to trap Herbert; the boy must find his way back to the 20th century or take Mr. Turkel's place in the bottle. After telling Mr. Vye about jet airplanes, Herbert is assumed to be hitting the bottle. During an ocean battle, Herbert rescues cute Susan Gordon (as Katrina), who resembles his little friend "Kathy" (and producer/director Bert I. Gordon's daughter). "The Boy and the Pirates" plays nicely for kids.

****** The Boy and the Pirates (4/13/60) Bert I. Gordon ~ Charles Herbert, Susan Gordon, Joe Turkel, Murvyn Vye

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