Watch Full The Long Dark Hall HD Movie Online

Watch Full The Long Dark Hall 1951 HD Movie Online

The Long Dark Hall 1951The Long Dark Hall 1951
iMDB Rating: 6.3

Date Released : 12 March 1952

Genre : Crime, Drama

Stars : Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Tania Heald, Henrietta Barry

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 880 MB

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Arthur Groome works in London and has a devoted family in Richmond. Shortly after he starts seeing a showgirl she is found murdered and the circumstantial evidence points to the innocent if naive Groome.

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Review :

Groomed for Murder

Solid if not impressive light thriller about a man infatuated with a young actress whilst still married soon to be entombed in a vault of lies when the young girl turns up dead and murdered - not by his hand or so he says? Rex Harrison gives a subtly good performance as Arthur Groome - the man who loves his wife and children yet also "loves" the young murdered actress. The film chronicles how the pieces of that puzzle unravel and whether or not Groome or someone else is the actual murderer. As a mystery film The Long Dark Hall is effective and entertaining for the most part. Harrison is as ever affable and Lili Palmer, his real-life wife, plays his wife here. All of the British cast do workmanlike jobs with Anthony Dawson particularly being effective. Patricia Cutts plays a very lovely girl in her turn as the victim. I would agree that the ending is somewhat unsatisfying and predictable but not wholly bleak. Directors Anthony Bushell and editor Reginald Beck(also getting his one time directorial credit for this film)create some very nice work - particularly those shots of the long, dark hall. This film is not a big budget affair in any way but still makes for a relaxing, enjoyable time.

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