Watch Full I sette nani alla riscossa 1951 HD Movie Online

Watch Online I sette nani alla riscossa HD Movie Online

I sette nani alla riscossa 1951I sette nani alla riscossa 1951
iMDB Rating: 5.3

Date Released : 1 January 1965

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Family

Stars : Rossana Podestà, Roberto Risco, Georges Marchal, Mario Mastrantonio

Movie Quality : BluRay

Format : MKV

Size : 820 MB

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Snow White has gone off with her Prince Charming, leaving her friends the dwarfs on their own again in the woods. Before the lovers can be wed, however, the Prince is defeated in battle by a rebellious duke, and Snow White is kidnapped by the Prince of Evil. Learning of what has happened to her, the seven dwarfs take it upon themselves to organize the rescue. Will they be in time to stop the evil Prince before he forces Snow White to become his wife?

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Review :

Not as bad as they say.

This movie is legendary in some circles as a bad kiddie flick from Italy, but after watching it I have to say that it isn't that bad. It's basically a sequel to the fairy tale we all know as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Just when you thought she was living happily ever after with Prince Charming, along comes war and intrigue and the political problems that any prince must deal with. He's double-crossed so the dwarves go to help him. Their adventures along the way do get a little long near the end, but finally they help the prince and princess and save the day. While most of us are used to seeing the Snow White story aimed at a very young audience, this one's probably more appropriate for kids just a little bit older. Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't buy it for my own kids, but for a movie made in an Axis country just a few years after WWII ended it's not bad. I would like to play it for a youngster just to get their reaction. They might even like it, just for the dwarves' antics if nothing else.

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