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The Careless Years 1957The Careless Years 1957
iMDB Rating: 6.1

Date Released : 2 September 1957

Genre : Drama, Romance

Stars : Dean Stockwell, Natalie Trundy, John Larch, Barbara Billingsley

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Two high-school seniors teenagers, from different social standings, have a date and when the girl resists the boy's romantic advances, he begins to think of her as someone special, and thinks they should get married immediately. Both sets of parents object and urge patience, but when the girl is told she is to take a long summer vacation with her parents, the boy talks her into going over the border to Mexico and getting married. The boy's father is so upset that he comes to blows with his son. The son realizes he has been wrong and goes to the girl's home to say goodbye, and wait for the time when they are both older and wiser before taking on the responsibilities of a marriage.

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Review :

Above Average

Careless Years, The (1957)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Dean Stockwell and Natalie Trundy play a poor boy and a rich girl who find themselves in love but they're starting to feel sexual desires so in order to do things right they want to get married but all of the parents involved thinks that's a bad idea. I was pleasantly shocked to see how well made and at times emotion this film was. The story is told in a very serious manor and outside the title song the film comes off pretty well without any of the camp factor that usually attaches itself to a film like this. What really makes the film worth viewing are the performances, all of which are very good. Stockwell steals the show as the poor boy who finds himself falling apart as he tries to do things the right way. He does a great job at building this character up into someone we can care about. Trundy is also very good as the good girl who wants to do things the right way. John Lynch is terrific as the boys father and Barbara Billingsley from Leave it to Beaver plays the girl's over cautious mother. There's a terrific scene towards the end where the boy steals some of his father's money and how this plays out is very brutal, realistic and quite emotional. The one thing that hampers the film is the fact that we've seen this type of movie countless times before.

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