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Brennender Sand HD Movie Online

Brennender Sand 1960Brennender Sand 1960
iMDB Rating: 5.8

Date Released : 21 July 1960

Genre : Adventure

Stars : Daliah Lavi, Gert Günther Hoffmann, Abraham Eisenberg, Uri Zohar." />

Movie Quality : BluRay

Format : MKV

Size : 880 MB

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Review :

MASTERPIECE - A must see

A little group of people in Israel decides to track down a treasure which, according to the legend, is placed in the city of Petra in the kingdom of Jordan. No man ever survived this treasurehunt "to the other side" (of the jordan river) before and the adventure ends up with fatal consequences.

What can I say ? It´s simply a masterpiece: Much better than the best Meryl Streep movie ever made. Even the special effects makes Cameron´s "Titanic" look like home made Super 8.

The fact that the actors are calling the city CITRA and not PETRA proves the high quality of art which is simply magnificant in this movie: Cant´t you see ???? The audience have to make a debate after the movie of "the higher meaning"

If some of you can´t see this supreme art the emperors tailors would call you STUPID.

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